Ragazzi Di Strada Synthetic Kisses Tee

Ragazzi Di Strada Synthetic Kisses Tee

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Garment for an Italian New Wave.

Ragazzi di Strada pays homage to the pioneering genius of Chrisma (Krisma) with a design taken from a rare and hardly seen graphic included in the band's press release for their seminal debut album 'Chinese Restaurant' (1977).

The graphic concept retains the original artwork's Xerox grain while tributing the erotic pulse of Chrisma by referencing their synthetic hymn Many Kisses.

Recorded in between London and Milan with the supervision of Vangelis and his brother Niko Papathanassiou, 'Chinese Restaurant' opened an ambitious and then unseen way to an Italian New Wave, blending the attitude of London Punk and the influence of Synth Pop with Maurizio Arcieri's (a former teen idol with New Dada) research on electronic music and Christina Moser's sensual lyrics and immense stage presence.

In loving memory of Christina Moser & Maurizio Arcieri.

Screenprinted at Legno, Milano

Limited run of 40